5 Tips For Glamming Up Your Casual

2 years of fashion blogging and 22 years of being obsessed with clothes and I still have no idea what ‘smart casual’ is.

It’s like a fashion myth, and I really feel like it needs some sort of dictionary definition, but my general go-to will always be taking a really casual outfit and glamming it up a bit. We all have events or occasions we have to go to with that dreaded ‘smart casual’ dress code, and hopefully after reading this post you’ll be able to decipher between too smart and too casual to find that perfect combo.

5 Tips For Glamming Up Your Casual

Find my top 5 tips for taking casj to glam-casj (otherwise known as smart-casual) below!


The more slouchy your clothes are, the more casual they’re going to look (forever providing you all with the most groundbreaking information…). Steer clear from baggy knitwear or too much of a loose t-shirt, and opt for something a little more structured. This jacket from Wrap London can be dressed up or down, but the framed shoulders give this look that smarter vibe I’m looking for. Any blazer or structured jacket will be a good start!


Ditch your shoulder bags and backpacks and go for a chunky tote bag. These are not only perfect for work, but they give you that sophisticated vibe to go alongside the casual elements of your outfit. The one in my look is from JustFab and carries all the essentials you need for that smart-casual event, and it just looks like you mean business.


The main way to add some glam to your casual look is to add alllll the accessories. You can see in my outfit I’m wearing a GORGE silver necklace with matching earrings from Adore, and it just completes that smart-chic style I’m trying to create. Anything that you keep for special occasions will instantly lift your casual look and make it a bit more work/event appropriate!

& don’t forget a snazzy watch! This one is from Daniel Wellington (& get 15% off with code PHASES).


As much as I’d love to go out wearing baggy mom jeans every day of my life, I really can’t. The shape of skinny/slim jeans are always way smarter looking and are a good alternative to a tapered trouser (but perfect for when you feel most comfortable in denim – so basically me, always!). The jeans I’m wearing are from New Look, and even though you may argue that ripped knees aren’t smart-casj appropriate, they’re my comfiest pair!


If you have to wear denim to a smart/casj event, you’ve gotta make up for it with some heeled shoes (especially if you sport the occasional ripped knee). I’ll always recommend a pair of heeled mules or something with a chunky heel, so you’re comfy as well as a bit more ‘dressed up’ (and taller, which doesn’t hurt anyone!).

I know you’re thinking ‘why the hell is she wearing white shoes?!’ but I couldn’t resist this pair from JustFab – plus white heels/boots are becoming a growing trend this Spring!

Hopefully you’ve got some ideas about dressing up your dressed-down look (or vice versa..?). I don’t think any of us will ever know what constitutes as ‘smart-casual’ but I gave it a good go! Let me know what you think of my outfit as always!

R x