Here comes the strong arm emoji!

I’m super mega organised. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but I have OCD about things and I always use my time as effectively as possible. However, I’m not a robot – just because I write lists and don’t lose things doesn’t mean I’m superhuman. I still struggle to motivate myself to even get up in the morning… let alone work (especially as I work from home).

These are the few things I do to stay organised to try and boost my motivation.

1) WRITE LISTS. Endless lists. You don’t have to do it every day, but if you have lots of things to do it’s so clear to see what you’ve got left to do – it also helps see how many things you’ve achieved that day (occasionally a bad thing, lol). I don’t understand how people don’t write lists but I’m a huge fan!


2) Pretty looking stationary. Organising myself by using adorable notepads and floral diaries genuinely motivates me more. It’s like when you buy new clothes and you want to wear them straight away – same goes for writing in notepads. I also have the cutest new phone case from Iconemesis and for me, having all fab looking stationary gives me impetus to get stuck in to whatever I’m doing. (just me? ok.)


3) Use a fun calendar. We usually buy men calendars of naked girls to try and lure them into organising themselves, right? So, in a similar fashion… I have a cat calendar. Using a calendar like mine makes it so easy to see what’s coming up in the next few days and that means you can pre-plan.

4) Motivational quotes. Sometimes we need to get a grip – like we’ve got a family, live in a house and are fed. I have this book called ‘Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining’ and it’s full of quotes that give you motivation to keep working and persevere at what you’re doing. We just need a little push sometimes!

5) Keep track of time. Planning your time is so effective in making sure you get everything done. Wear a watch at all times (mines from Tallulah’s Threads) and my adorable clock only cost a few quid from IKEA. Set alarms, make times for when things should be done by and try and stick to them as best you can.

Watch – Tallulah’s Threads

Clock – IKEA

Phone Case – Iconemesis

‘Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining’ Book – Amazon

Notepads – Various Stores/Supermarkets


I hope you get the gist of what I’m trying to say! Basically – write everything down, plan your time (in the present and for the next few days) and buy pretty stationary that motivate you to use them.

Let me know your tips, mine aren’t super scientific or anything but it only takes the little things to be that bit more organised!

R x