Every Stylish Man Deserves A Bomber Jacket

Every Stylish Man Deserves A Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is a timeless menswear staple that every stylish man should have in his closet. It’s a go-to heavy outerwear piece that you can wear for any occasion, from the cold winter months to the hot summer nights.

It is the perfect alternative to the classic leather biker jacket. The bomber jacket is more casual and versatile. You can pair it with slim jeans to get a more relaxed look or wear it with slim chinos or even dark wash denim for that laid-back cool look. Whatever style you choose, the bomber jacket will consistently deliver. Check out some of the best bomber jackets on the market by visiting hentschman.com.

These bomber jackets are versatile enough to be considered a menswear staple that you can wear in any season. They provide a rugged and masculine look along with the ability to integrate with most other menswear pieces in your closet, such as chinos, joggers, and long sleeve tees. This men’s green bomber jacket cut is the perfect accessory for stylish guys who want to stand out among the crowd yet remain fashionable at the same time.

The Bomber Jacket Origin

The bomber jacket originates from the Royal Air Force, but it was first introduced as a standard issue to pilots of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. The U.S military used the name “flight jacket.” The original B-15 flight jackets were of heavy-duty cotton twill, with padding added for warmth and protection in emergencies. The jackets have evolved, incorporating more sophisticated materials into the design. Today, the bomber jacket is made with a wool-nylon blend and features ribbed cuffs and a waistband.

Every Stylish Man Deserves A Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket Styles

You can wear the bomber jacket unzipped for a rugged look or zip it up for a more sleek look. The classic color is black, but depending on your personality, you can choose from many different colors like brown, blue, khaki, and olive green, to name a few.

Bomber jacket styles vary depending on how long it is. The standard length that you see most often is the short bomber jacket. It ends around the waist, below the navel, and above the hips. These jackets typically have no hood and have a more streamlined fit. The other variety of bomber jacket is called a “flight jacket.” It is longer than the short bomber, ending about mid-thigh but still shorter than an actual parka. It has a hood with a three-inch brim secured in place by a drawstring.

The “flight jacket” bomber jacket is more similar to an actual coat and is made with double-lined nylon to protect from the cold and is waterproof. The bomber jacket ends about mid-thigh, just above the waistline. One other variation of the bomber jacket is “The Blazer.” It’s a slim-fitting blazer jacket with a round collar, belted waistline, and set-in sleeve cuffs. It’s shorter than the flight jacket. It can be worn for special occasions or as part of your work attire.

The different styles of bomber jackets give you room to express your personality. You can choose from different colors and lengths depending on how you want to wear your bomber jacket. Each length has its unique look. So it’s best to choose the most suitable size for the occasion and one that delivers what you want out of your style.

The Best Time to Wear Bomber Jackets

If you love wearing bomber jackets, it is the best time to wear them during the chilly winter months. A bomber jacket is essential in keeping warm when it’s cold outside. It will help you stay comfortable while you’re out and about. Since it’s a lightweight jacket, it won’t add much weight to your style, as most of them are lighter than your average duffle coat to allow for more mobility during all seasons. You can wear a bomber jacket with almost any kind of pants, from slim jeans to your most comfortable pair of chinos. You can also wear it with lightweight sweaters or a blazer by itself. This jacket is versatile enough that you can use it for almost any occasion, from casual outings to going out on a date. If you want to look funky, try pairing the bomber jacket with your favorite colors and patterns. You will stand out in the crowd.

Summing Up

A bomber jacket is a go-to piece in any stylish man’s closet. It’s a classic menswear staple that you can wear in many different ways, even if you’re not going out with your friends or on a date. It helps keep you warm during the chilly winter while sporting your favorite colors and patterns. Having one of these jackets in your closet is the start to creating an effortless style that will get co-workers and friends complimenting you on how well put together you look every day.