Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Phases Of Robyn is hopefully going to be your go-to for style advice and all of the other stuff I ramble on about, however let me just run down how my site works and how I use any information you give when you leave comments or sign up to my blog.

Sometimes you may have to fill in some of your details on my website – for example if you want to leave a comment on one of my blog posts. I love it when you all do this, so please keep doing so! Any information you provide (names and email addresses) I do not share and are not stored anywhere.

My website is secure (as you can see by the little lock in the website address). Feel free to roam freely!

Did you see a cookies bar pop up when you came on my site? Hopefully so! I use cookies on my site – and if you don’t know much about the use of cookies please see this website, it’s great for explaining it! Cookies are essential for me to run my website and for you to use it effectively. Some benefits to you guys are that if you leave comments often it uses cookies to remember your info instead of re-entering it every time you comment. It also lets me see what things you’re clicking on and enjoying the most by linking to 3rd party applications such as Google Analytics, so I can create more of it! If you’d rather disable cookies then go for it – just disable them in your browser.

I love linking to the clothes I’m wearing and the beauty products I’m using – heck, that’s why you’re here right?! However, I can’t accept responsibility for the information any of those websites uses when you head over there – check out their privacy policies if you’re unsure about anything.