Apple Watch Adds Style To You

If you are looking for a new accessory to accentuate your style, then check out a sports Apple Watch band here. The Apple Watch has a sleek and attractive design that can pair with countless outfits on various occasions. But before you purchase the Apple Watch, there are a few features that you should consider when deciding which watch to buy.

This blog will explore all of the different options available in the Apple Watch series and some features that may not seem so obvious at first glance.

Appreciate its Impeccable Design

Several different designs are available, allowing you to find the Apple Watch that best suits your style. The Apple Watch comes in three case materials: anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. Each type of case has a different weight, giving a slight variation to the watch’s overall look. An anodized aluminum case is the lightest and least expensive option, while a stainless steel case is the heaviest and quite costly. On the other hand, titanium is a premium material but is also the most expensive. The stainless steel and titanium cases measure on the small side, while the anodized aluminum case measures long. It can make a difference in sizing, depending on your wrist size. The face of each watch can also be customized with different watch faces, ranging from simple to complex designs.

Apple Watch Adds Style To You

Immerse yourself in the Range of Colors

There are over 40 different color options for the Apple Watch, giving you even more customization in your style. One of the best things about the watch is mixing and matching colors to match any outfit. The different bands allow you to change your look with vibrant hues, making it easy to find the perfect Apple Watch band. You can find multiple Apple watch bands available, including resin, leather, ceramic, wooden and metallic, among others.

All the bands give you a unique look, making it an excellent accessory for various occasions. You can dress up the Apple Watch with a classic leather band for your business attire or a colorful band for your casual wear. However, it would help if you were mindful of the style that best fits your needs. The Apple watch band you use for your watch is a personal preference and depends on your needs and desires.

Enjoy a Long-Lasting Battery Life

One thing that separates the Apple Watch from other smartwatches is the battery life. The battery life of Apple watches is longer than other smartwatches. Most smartwatches only last a couple of hours on a single charge requiring you to rush to recharge your watch each night. However, the Apple Watch can last up to 18 hours on a single charge, making all the difference in the world when you are busy throughout the day.

Enjoy Music on the Go

A unique feature of the Apple Watch is its ability to connect to a pair of wireless headphones. With just one simple touch, you can switch from your iPhone’s music playlists to your Apple Watch and enjoy the music without fumbling for your phone. The watch also supports Bluetooth connectivity with other wireless devices, such as speakers. It makes the watch ideal for playing news, playlists, and audiobooks.

Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone

The Apple Watch is compatible with a wide range of iPhone models, allowing you to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone. It can be convenient to keep track of the places you have visited. You can also view the images and videos directly on your watch without using your iPhone.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, the Apple Watch is an exceptional purchase for anyone looking for a stylish and powerful smartwatch. It’s easy to use and can make all the difference in your daily life. The watch is quite affordable and comes in various colors and styles. The Apple Watch also provides you with long-lasting battery life, an excellent feature for people busy throughout the day. If you plan to buy the Apple Watch or already own one, we highly recommend you look at our selection of Apple Watch bands to find the perfect accessory for your style.

5 Tips For Glamming Up Your Casual

2 years of fashion blogging and 22 years of being obsessed with clothes and I still have no idea what ‘smart casual’ is.

It’s like a fashion myth, and I really feel like it needs some sort of dictionary definition, but my general go-to will always be taking a really casual outfit and glamming it up a bit. We all have events or occasions we have to go to with that dreaded ‘smart casual’ dress code, and hopefully after reading this post you’ll be able to decipher between too smart and too casual to find that perfect combo.

5 Tips For Glamming Up Your Casual

Find my top 5 tips for taking casj to glam-casj (otherwise known as smart-casual) below!


The more slouchy your clothes are, the more casual they’re going to look (forever providing you all with the most groundbreaking information…). Steer clear from baggy knitwear or too much of a loose t-shirt, and opt for something a little more structured. This jacket from Wrap London can be dressed up or down, but the framed shoulders give this look that smarter vibe I’m looking for. Any blazer or structured jacket will be a good start!


Ditch your shoulder bags and backpacks and go for a chunky tote bag. These are not only perfect for work, but they give you that sophisticated vibe to go alongside the casual elements of your outfit. The one in my look is from JustFab and carries all the essentials you need for that smart-casual event, and it just looks like you mean business.


The main way to add some glam to your casual look is to add alllll the accessories. You can see in my outfit I’m wearing a GORGE silver necklace with matching earrings from Adore, and it just completes that smart-chic style I’m trying to create. Anything that you keep for special occasions will instantly lift your casual look and make it a bit more work/event appropriate!

& don’t forget a snazzy watch! This one is from Daniel Wellington (& get 15% off with code PHASES).


As much as I’d love to go out wearing baggy mom jeans every day of my life, I really can’t. The shape of skinny/slim jeans are always way smarter looking and are a good alternative to a tapered trouser (but perfect for when you feel most comfortable in denim – so basically me, always!). The jeans I’m wearing are from New Look, and even though you may argue that ripped knees aren’t smart-casj appropriate, they’re my comfiest pair!


If you have to wear denim to a smart/casj event, you’ve gotta make up for it with some heeled shoes (especially if you sport the occasional ripped knee). I’ll always recommend a pair of heeled mules or something with a chunky heel, so you’re comfy as well as a bit more ‘dressed up’ (and taller, which doesn’t hurt anyone!).

I know you’re thinking ‘why the hell is she wearing white shoes?!’ but I couldn’t resist this pair from JustFab – plus white heels/boots are becoming a growing trend this Spring!

Hopefully you’ve got some ideas about dressing up your dressed-down look (or vice versa..?). I don’t think any of us will ever know what constitutes as ‘smart-casual’ but I gave it a good go! Let me know what you think of my outfit as always!

R x


Here comes the strong arm emoji!

I’m super mega organised. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but I have OCD about things and I always use my time as effectively as possible. However, I’m not a robot – just because I write lists and don’t lose things doesn’t mean I’m superhuman. I still struggle to motivate myself to even get up in the morning… let alone work (especially as I work from home).

These are the few things I do to stay organised to try and boost my motivation.

1) WRITE LISTS. Endless lists. You don’t have to do it every day, but if you have lots of things to do it’s so clear to see what you’ve got left to do – it also helps see how many things you’ve achieved that day (occasionally a bad thing, lol). I don’t understand how people don’t write lists but I’m a huge fan!


2) Pretty looking stationary. Organising myself by using adorable notepads and floral diaries genuinely motivates me more. It’s like when you buy new clothes and you want to wear them straight away – same goes for writing in notepads. I also have the cutest new phone case from Iconemesis and for me, having all fab looking stationary gives me impetus to get stuck in to whatever I’m doing. (just me? ok.)


3) Use a fun calendar. We usually buy men calendars of naked girls to try and lure them into organising themselves, right? So, in a similar fashion… I have a cat calendar. Using a calendar like mine makes it so easy to see what’s coming up in the next few days and that means you can pre-plan.

4) Motivational quotes. Sometimes we need to get a grip – like we’ve got a family, live in a house and are fed. I have this book called ‘Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining’ and it’s full of quotes that give you motivation to keep working and persevere at what you’re doing. We just need a little push sometimes!

5) Keep track of time. Planning your time is so effective in making sure you get everything done. Wear a watch at all times (mines from Tallulah’s Threads) and my adorable clock only cost a few quid from IKEA. Set alarms, make times for when things should be done by and try and stick to them as best you can.

Watch – Tallulah’s Threads

Clock – IKEA

Phone Case – Iconemesis

‘Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining’ Book – Amazon

Notepads – Various Stores/Supermarkets


I hope you get the gist of what I’m trying to say! Basically – write everything down, plan your time (in the present and for the next few days) and buy pretty stationary that motivate you to use them.

Let me know your tips, mine aren’t super scientific or anything but it only takes the little things to be that bit more organised!

R x


My life seems to be going so quickly. I’m only 20, which is still young, but I’m at that age where real responsibilities start to kick in. And it’s kinda scary.

Careers, mortgages, rent, bills, cars, pets, family…. just everything. In the next 10 years I have to deal with all of these, and I am freaking out minorly (ok, majorly).

Lets reminisce. Here are my 26 reasons why I want to be a child again!


1) We were forced to take afternoon naps, why can’t they be compulsory now?

2) Sitting in the child’s seat of a trolley – like, we actually have to walk now.

3) No lists were needed.

4) Friday night sweets – just because I’m in my twenties doesn’t mean I don’t like sweets, ok mum?

5) Slip ‘N’ Slides. I remember my scrawny little body shooting down them in the summer – now I’m just worried they’ll ruin my fake tan.

6) Not having to chip in for holidays.

7) Watching that awful video of a woman giving birth is not quite so bad as the real thing (although it’s pretty harrowing at the time).

8) You get so many clothes given to you as a little’n, where are my presents now?

9) Having to wear make-up. It’s such a faff really – lets go back to the days before spots were a thing.

10) No social media – before this happened I was unaware of people hating on me and that’s a much better life.

11) Pocket money – gimme them 1p sweets after school.

12) You did what you wanted for you – not for anyone else. We live in a weird world nowadays.

13) Wacky Warehouses and ball parks. ‘Nuff said.

14) You saw your friends everyday. None of this ‘sorry I’m working’ or ‘I have shit to deal with’ like we all have now. We got to be with each other for like 6 hours a day.

15) Playing Hide & Seek – and being able to fit in those tiny spots in the house where nobody would find you.

16) No boyfriends and girlfriends (unless you were a playaaa like me *cheeky face* lol jk) so no heartbreak (sorry bit deep).

17) Getting rewards from going to places you didn’t like – I’m talking about the dentist. Now it’s all ‘shut up and get on with it’.

18) Skipping school for illness wasn’t a huge issue – missing a whole day of work however is like hell on earth and you play catch up for a good week.

19) You could use electricity guilt-free.

20) All of your things were washed and ironed for you. That shit’s time consuming now.

21) Days only lasted from 9 till 3. Who knew the future involved a day longer than 6 hours? *cries*

22) Kids TV shows were the bomb – who else loved Ed, Edd & Eddy, the Powerpuff Girls and Lizzie McGuire (plus a million others – lemme know your faves).

23) You had to wear school uniform – I know it was horrid but at least you got 15 minutes more sleep each morning because you didn’t have to decide on what to wear.

24) We used to have about 1000000 times more energy.

25) You get 6 weeks of summer with absolutely no responsibilities other than to go outside and play everyday.

26) Sliding down the bannister – I totally wish I could do this now but certain parts of my body would break.


Lol, basically after thinking of those I realised that all I’m doing is being lazy. Get a grip woman!

There’s a million more things I’m sure that we can think of so let me know some funny ones in the comments!

Peace out,

R x


I’m dedicating this post to all them independent ladies today! Blogs can occasionally be a little bit negative because well… we all need a rant every now and again right? However, lets remember the good things and take a look at what’s wicked about being a girl (sorry boys, you’re sitting out of this one). Here are my top 30!



1) Being bought drinks just happens, we’ll accept a free jager bomb from probably anyone.

2) It’s like were allowed to buy clothes because we’re female and everyone knows we have to compete with each other.

3) We make the best excuses. ‘I need this nail polish, I don’t have this exact colour so it’s definitely a necessary purchase’.

4) GIRL POWER. When girls come together and sing Beyoncé it’s a feeling like no other.

5) ‘I’m on my period’ – aka, I’m doing no cooking, cleaning, or well… moving until it’s over. You must do everything.

6) Boys like it when we laze about in our trackies and eat pizza because it makes us more ‘down to earth’ – win win situation here.

7) We all go through the same things. Periods, shitty boyfriends, body envy… And we know how to make each other feel better.

8) Ladies nights. I’ve never ever heard a club say ‘free entry for men – tonight only!’.

9) We’re allowed to wear high heels and then moan about them 15 minutes later. It’s just a thing. You men wouldn’t last one minute.

10) We dress up so much better. Girls have so much choice for what to wear, and boys have just a suit? How boring.

11) We have the ability to carry a baby. This is a HORRIBLE idea. But it’s like we have the power.

12) Boobs. Enough said.

13) Boobs, part two. Boys don’t get the ‘taking bra off at the end of the day’ feeling. You’re missing out fellas.

14) Doing a million things at once. Some men can’t even iron let alone iron, talk on the phone, watch the tv and cook dinner all at the same time.

15) Women are beautiful. I’m not saying that men aren’t – but some parts of them aren’t too attractive to look at sometimes. Sorry.

16) We know everything. You think you’re good at keeping a secret? WRONG! We’ll find out. We have a sixth sense to lies.

17) We are all on the same wavelength. Your best friend says something and it’s exactly what you were thinking. We’re basically psychic.

18) Girls underwear. We’re forever dreaming of buying all this nice underwear and there is SO much to choose from. Calvin Klein boxers are nice but you can hardly change it up that much.

19) We have an answer for everything. Literally everything. It might not always be right but we think it is.

20) Tying your hair up after a long day – a messy bun fixes all. It seems like most guys opt for the short hair and they were so jealous of the messy bun they created the top knot.

21) We live longer. Apparently.

22) We can kick men in places they wouldn’t want if they piss us off. Be warned.

23) If we put our mind to it, we could probably get ANYTHING we wanted. We’re the boss at fluttering our eyelids.

24) We all over think things. You may think why is this a good thing? Over thinking makes us more prepared as to what may happen, and it makes us very organised!

25) Jewellery stores. You don’t see men walking around with 10 rings, 3 necklaces and 5 bracelets.

26) We’re actually quite determined. We love the idea that men and women have more equal rights than we used to in the past – so many more women are focussing on careers than ever before.

27) We can wear baggy mens shirts and boyfriend jeans – you don’t see guys in cropped cami’s from Topshop that are 3 sizes too small.

28) We are more emotional… This can make us more sensitive and caring people.

29) We can wear super tight jeans. Like really tight.

30) We don’t have to make the first move. It’s like society says men have to call us, or speak to us first. Thank god for that.

I need to point out I’m not belittling men or saying we are superior, don’t hit me with ‘feminist’ comments! It’s funny to point out things like this to boost up our confidence and help each other feel less negative in this world! These also may not all relate to everyone it’s just generic things I’ve made up *thumbs up emoji*.

Lemme know what you’ll think – If you can think of more add some comments! I’d love to read some funny extras!

R x