Tips for Comfortably Wearing a Canvas Backpack

Over time, canvas backpacks have become more popular due to their versatility, style, and durability. These accessories can be used by schoolgoers, travelers, and other daily users. While the advancement of technology and innovation has led to the introduction of backpacks with various styles, colors, and sizes, one overlooked aspect is wearing them. In today’s guide, we will focus on tips and techniques you can use to wear canvas backpacks to provide the utmost comfort and functionality.

Tips for Comfortably Wearing a Canvas Backpack

Select the Right Size

The first step to wearing a canvas backpack comfortably lies in the size chosen. Generally, the size of the backpack should match our body size. A backpack that is too large for your body can cause discomfort and vice versa. As such, make sure that you first measure the length of your torso from your neck to the top of your hips. This way, you can easily adjust the backpack to ensure it fits comfortably without strain. At the same time, you should ensure the bag evenly distributes the carried load across your shoulders and back. If the backpack is too big, it will fit snugly, making it sway from time to time. Similarly, if the bag is too small, make sure you don’t overload it. Otherwise, it may cause discomfort.

Adjust the Straps

Adjusting straps can also help you wear the canvas backpacks comfortably during your journey. By properly adjusting the straps, it aligns the weight to your back, making you achieve comfort. In order to adjust the traps effectively, you need to first loosen them before putting the bags on. Once you have the bag on your shoulders, you then need to tighten the straps gradually till they achieve the right snugness. The bag should sit close to your back to maintain the right balance. Doing this will ensure the straps don’t dig into your shoulders, thereby minimizing chances of back strain.

Pack Smartly

The way you pack your belongings also has an impact on your comfort. At all times, ensure your items are packed nicely before starting your journey. To achieve this, have a checklist of what you need to carry. Then, organize the items into respective compartments and pockets to keep them intact and free from shifting. At the same time, items with much weight should be at the bottom of the backpack to assist in weight balancing. Last but not least, avoid overloading the backpack as it may lead to too much strain.

Take Breaks and Stretch

Even with a well-balanced and comfortable canvas backpack, it’s still essential to take regular breaks for stretches. This is particularly necessary for those planning to wear the bags for extended periods such as hikers. Stretching helps relieve your muscles from tension and pressure. Also, it helps improve blood circulation, hence minimizing the chances of strain.


Wearing a canvas backpack properly can make a difference in your daily life. By following the mentioned tips, you will not only enhance your overall backpacking experience but also minimize the chances of discomfort and strain.

Apple Watch Bands With Men’s Dress Guide in 2022

Apple Watch Bands With Men’s Dress Guide

Apple Watch is one of the customizable and advanced smartwatches available out in the market. Apple watch tailors personality requirements making the brand the best accessory a favorite option for individuals looking towards a better switch with their daily looks. Therefore, apple watches are stylish and are a great option to treat as a personal brand since they have well-designed straps, aesthetic features, and other worthy options. Amongst all Milanese loops, sports bands, leather bands, and rubber apple watches, these are the top stylish apple watch bands for men.

Apple Watch Bands With Men’s Dress Guide

Marge plus compatible

Marge plus compatible is one of the fashionable Apple watches in the market currently. It is the best leather apple band watch. It has excellent looks with viable options of color. It is an excellent fashion option since it doesn’t require one to empty their wallets as it offers a leather option. The watch accommodates most wrists ranging between 160 mm to 200 mm. Marge plus compatible is made more fashionable since it is produced in more than 13 colors, suitable for various men’s dresses. The best compatible Apple Watch Models for the Marge plus are 42 mm and 44 mm.

Apple watch sport loop

The apple watch band is also fashionable and compatible with most men’s dresses. It is well designed, featuring a better cushion and comfy wear with double-layered nylon. These features make it perfect for daily wear and for use on most occasions. The watch’s comfort ness is experienced by the breathability of the nylon, making it perfect for any activity wear. The watch and its straps are available in various colors, making a perfect fashion with different men’s clothes. Despite the sports loop, one can opt for a solo loop, Nike sport loop, and braided solo loop, which makes a better fashion.

Carterjett Tire Tread Band

It is a silicone Apple Watch band that features a thick, textured design. The Carjett apple watch is perfect for most men’s fashions. Tired tread silicone on the watch makes it perfect and fashionable for most people. It has a rugged aesthetic value that makes it perfect for outdoors, adventure, amongst other activities. The carterjett band is made in various sizes and various colors. Its branding makes it perfect option and suitable for most people. The watch also boasts the optimal adapter and buckle straps to ensure its perfect fitting and secure.

Nomad modern strap

It is another perfect leather apple watch that suitably fits various men’s dresses. Although it is made out of Horween leather, the modern nomad band’s strap is of high quality, highly rated, and suitable for those looking for a comfy fit. Although the watch comes in other colors, the main ones are made in rustic brown with matte brown hardware, making it fashionable. The watch is durable, boldly designed, and fashion-forward, perfect for anyone’s desire.

The Rolex Oyster

The apple band is perfect for all dress codes ranging from suits, jeans, casual t-shirts, amongst others. The watch has a 3-link design, a significant link in the middle, and two small links on the outside. The best pick in Rolex brands is Epic watch bands stainless.

Other fashionable apple watches include; Apple Modern Buckle, LDFAS Apple Watch Band, Harber London Modern Leather, Vaporwave Elastic Apple Watch Band, IYOU Sport Band, Secbolt Bling Band, and Salty USA Nylon Watch Band.

Every Stylish Man Deserves A Bomber Jacket

Every Stylish Man Deserves A Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is a timeless menswear staple that every stylish man should have in his closet. It’s a go-to heavy outerwear piece that you can wear for any occasion, from the cold winter months to the hot summer nights.

It is the perfect alternative to the classic leather biker jacket. The bomber jacket is more casual and versatile. You can pair it with slim jeans to get a more relaxed look or wear it with slim chinos or even dark wash denim for that laid-back cool look. Whatever style you choose, the bomber jacket will consistently deliver. Check out some of the best bomber jackets on the market by visiting

These bomber jackets are versatile enough to be considered a menswear staple that you can wear in any season. They provide a rugged and masculine look along with the ability to integrate with most other menswear pieces in your closet, such as chinos, joggers, and long sleeve tees. This men’s green bomber jacket cut is the perfect accessory for stylish guys who want to stand out among the crowd yet remain fashionable at the same time.

The Bomber Jacket Origin

The bomber jacket originates from the Royal Air Force, but it was first introduced as a standard issue to pilots of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. The U.S military used the name “flight jacket.” The original B-15 flight jackets were of heavy-duty cotton twill, with padding added for warmth and protection in emergencies. The jackets have evolved, incorporating more sophisticated materials into the design. Today, the bomber jacket is made with a wool-nylon blend and features ribbed cuffs and a waistband.

Every Stylish Man Deserves A Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket Styles

You can wear the bomber jacket unzipped for a rugged look or zip it up for a more sleek look. The classic color is black, but depending on your personality, you can choose from many different colors like brown, blue, khaki, and olive green, to name a few.

Bomber jacket styles vary depending on how long it is. The standard length that you see most often is the short bomber jacket. It ends around the waist, below the navel, and above the hips. These jackets typically have no hood and have a more streamlined fit. The other variety of bomber jacket is called a “flight jacket.” It is longer than the short bomber, ending about mid-thigh but still shorter than an actual parka. It has a hood with a three-inch brim secured in place by a drawstring.

The “flight jacket” bomber jacket is more similar to an actual coat and is made with double-lined nylon to protect from the cold and is waterproof. The bomber jacket ends about mid-thigh, just above the waistline. One other variation of the bomber jacket is “The Blazer.” It’s a slim-fitting blazer jacket with a round collar, belted waistline, and set-in sleeve cuffs. It’s shorter than the flight jacket. It can be worn for special occasions or as part of your work attire.

The different styles of bomber jackets give you room to express your personality. You can choose from different colors and lengths depending on how you want to wear your bomber jacket. Each length has its unique look. So it’s best to choose the most suitable size for the occasion and one that delivers what you want out of your style.

The Best Time to Wear Bomber Jackets

If you love wearing bomber jackets, it is the best time to wear them during the chilly winter months. A bomber jacket is essential in keeping warm when it’s cold outside. It will help you stay comfortable while you’re out and about. Since it’s a lightweight jacket, it won’t add much weight to your style, as most of them are lighter than your average duffle coat to allow for more mobility during all seasons. You can wear a bomber jacket with almost any kind of pants, from slim jeans to your most comfortable pair of chinos. You can also wear it with lightweight sweaters or a blazer by itself. This jacket is versatile enough that you can use it for almost any occasion, from casual outings to going out on a date. If you want to look funky, try pairing the bomber jacket with your favorite colors and patterns. You will stand out in the crowd.

Summing Up

A bomber jacket is a go-to piece in any stylish man’s closet. It’s a classic menswear staple that you can wear in many different ways, even if you’re not going out with your friends or on a date. It helps keep you warm during the chilly winter while sporting your favorite colors and patterns. Having one of these jackets in your closet is the start to creating an effortless style that will get co-workers and friends complimenting you on how well put together you look every day.

Apple Watch Adds Style To You

If you are looking for a new accessory to accentuate your style, then check out a sports Apple Watch band here. The Apple Watch has a sleek and attractive design that can pair with countless outfits on various occasions. But before you purchase the Apple Watch, there are a few features that you should consider when deciding which watch to buy.

This blog will explore all of the different options available in the Apple Watch series and some features that may not seem so obvious at first glance.

Appreciate its Impeccable Design

Several different designs are available, allowing you to find the Apple Watch that best suits your style. The Apple Watch comes in three case materials: anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. Each type of case has a different weight, giving a slight variation to the watch’s overall look. An anodized aluminum case is the lightest and least expensive option, while a stainless steel case is the heaviest and quite costly. On the other hand, titanium is a premium material but is also the most expensive. The stainless steel and titanium cases measure on the small side, while the anodized aluminum case measures long. It can make a difference in sizing, depending on your wrist size. The face of each watch can also be customized with different watch faces, ranging from simple to complex designs.

Apple Watch Adds Style To You

Immerse yourself in the Range of Colors

There are over 40 different color options for the Apple Watch, giving you even more customization in your style. One of the best things about the watch is mixing and matching colors to match any outfit. The different bands allow you to change your look with vibrant hues, making it easy to find the perfect Apple Watch band. You can find multiple Apple watch bands available, including resin, leather, ceramic, wooden and metallic, among others.

All the bands give you a unique look, making it an excellent accessory for various occasions. You can dress up the Apple Watch with a classic leather band for your business attire or a colorful band for your casual wear. However, it would help if you were mindful of the style that best fits your needs. The Apple watch band you use for your watch is a personal preference and depends on your needs and desires.

Enjoy a Long-Lasting Battery Life

One thing that separates the Apple Watch from other smartwatches is the battery life. The battery life of Apple watches is longer than other smartwatches. Most smartwatches only last a couple of hours on a single charge requiring you to rush to recharge your watch each night. However, the Apple Watch can last up to 18 hours on a single charge, making all the difference in the world when you are busy throughout the day.

Enjoy Music on the Go

A unique feature of the Apple Watch is its ability to connect to a pair of wireless headphones. With just one simple touch, you can switch from your iPhone’s music playlists to your Apple Watch and enjoy the music without fumbling for your phone. The watch also supports Bluetooth connectivity with other wireless devices, such as speakers. It makes the watch ideal for playing news, playlists, and audiobooks.

Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone

The Apple Watch is compatible with a wide range of iPhone models, allowing you to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone. It can be convenient to keep track of the places you have visited. You can also view the images and videos directly on your watch without using your iPhone.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, the Apple Watch is an exceptional purchase for anyone looking for a stylish and powerful smartwatch. It’s easy to use and can make all the difference in your daily life. The watch is quite affordable and comes in various colors and styles. The Apple Watch also provides you with long-lasting battery life, an excellent feature for people busy throughout the day. If you plan to buy the Apple Watch or already own one, we highly recommend you look at our selection of Apple Watch bands to find the perfect accessory for your style.

5 Tips For Glamming Up Your Casual

2 years of fashion blogging and 22 years of being obsessed with clothes and I still have no idea what ‘smart casual’ is.

It’s like a fashion myth, and I really feel like it needs some sort of dictionary definition, but my general go-to will always be taking a really casual outfit and glamming it up a bit. We all have events or occasions we have to go to with that dreaded ‘smart casual’ dress code, and hopefully after reading this post you’ll be able to decipher between too smart and too casual to find that perfect combo.

5 Tips For Glamming Up Your Casual

Find my top 5 tips for taking casj to glam-casj (otherwise known as smart-casual) below!


The more slouchy your clothes are, the more casual they’re going to look (forever providing you all with the most groundbreaking information…). Steer clear from baggy knitwear or too much of a loose t-shirt, and opt for something a little more structured. This jacket from Wrap London can be dressed up or down, but the framed shoulders give this look that smarter vibe I’m looking for. Any blazer or structured jacket will be a good start!


Ditch your shoulder bags and backpacks and go for a chunky tote bag. These are not only perfect for work, but they give you that sophisticated vibe to go alongside the casual elements of your outfit. The one in my look is from JustFab and carries all the essentials you need for that smart-casual event, and it just looks like you mean business.


The main way to add some glam to your casual look is to add alllll the accessories. You can see in my outfit I’m wearing a GORGE silver necklace with matching earrings from Adore, and it just completes that smart-chic style I’m trying to create. Anything that you keep for special occasions will instantly lift your casual look and make it a bit more work/event appropriate!

& don’t forget a snazzy watch! This one is from Daniel Wellington (& get 15% off with code PHASES).


As much as I’d love to go out wearing baggy mom jeans every day of my life, I really can’t. The shape of skinny/slim jeans are always way smarter looking and are a good alternative to a tapered trouser (but perfect for when you feel most comfortable in denim – so basically me, always!). The jeans I’m wearing are from New Look, and even though you may argue that ripped knees aren’t smart-casj appropriate, they’re my comfiest pair!


If you have to wear denim to a smart/casj event, you’ve gotta make up for it with some heeled shoes (especially if you sport the occasional ripped knee). I’ll always recommend a pair of heeled mules or something with a chunky heel, so you’re comfy as well as a bit more ‘dressed up’ (and taller, which doesn’t hurt anyone!).

I know you’re thinking ‘why the hell is she wearing white shoes?!’ but I couldn’t resist this pair from JustFab – plus white heels/boots are becoming a growing trend this Spring!

Hopefully you’ve got some ideas about dressing up your dressed-down look (or vice versa..?). I don’t think any of us will ever know what constitutes as ‘smart-casual’ but I gave it a good go! Let me know what you think of my outfit as always!

R x


We all have a style uniform. Basically, we have our favourite wardrobe items and we rarely stray from them. I’m so guilty to sticking with what I find comfortable and my go-to is always jeans… but I’ve been set a challenge by George at ASDA to create a style diary where I mix up my style uniform, and yes, that means no jeans. *shrivels into corner and cries*

I wear jeans in nearly every outfit (and own about 30 pairs in as many different shades of blue and black that you can possibly think of) but I just find that they’re comfortable, flattering and go with pretty much everything. However I’m up for the challenge and I’m determined to change up my outfits a little bit more. I’ve got 6 sassy outfits ready to show you and not a skinny jean in sight. Promise!



When deciding what to wear for bottoms instead of jeans the first thing I wanted to style was some culottes. You either love them or hate them, but I think they’re a perfect Spring staple and you can wear them with exactly the same items that you’d wear with jeans. Stripes are super on trend at the moment too so this pair of culottes are not only fab and comfortable (they have a slightly elasticated waist) they’re also mega chic.

  • Culottes – c/o George @ ASDA
  • Top – Topshop
  • Shoes – Kurt Geiger @ Shoeaholics
  • Bag – ASOS (similar here)



I decided to try wearing a skirt… Not my usual forte but why not? I chose this gorgeous lace jumper from George and it went so well with some black suede goodness. Too scared about being cold? I’m wearing skin-coloured tights, I got this.

  • Jumper – c/o George @ ASDA
  • Skirt – ASOS
  • Shoes – Daisy Street
  • Bag – ASOS



Black button-up dresses, tights and boots. I think this outfit is the definition of smart-casual, but who really knows what that is anyway? I’ve added gold accessories to an all black outfit with a tan coloured bag. Simple but chic, and totally perfect for this time of year.

  • Dress – c/o George @ ASDA
  • Bag – Preloved Boutique
  • Shoes – Lily Lulu



I guess I need to wear something smart at some point… I’ve dressed up a simple grey shift dress and added a smart black blazer with some cute strap heels. A monochrome outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pop of colour from the bag, am I right? Perfect for work but still super comfortable.

  • Grey Dress – c/o George @ ASDA
  • Blazer – New Look
  • Bag – Kurt Geiger @ Shoeaholics
  • Shoes – Kurt Geiger @ Shoeaholics



What’s more fun than floral trousers? And who says the pattern has to be on the top half? This is totally mixing up my style uniform, but I kinda love it.

  • Top – Topshop
  • Trousers – c/o George @ ASDA
  • Blazer – Primark
  • Shoes – Matalan
  • Bag – Noma



By this point I was really missing my jeans… but I compromised and chose to wear a denim shirt dress. Is that allowed? This look is super casual and really on-trend without having to put in too much effort. I’m starting to dig the whole no-jeans thing.

  • Denim Dress – c/o George @ ASDA
  • Bag – Noma
  • Shoes – Clarks


So that’s my attempt at mixing up my #styleYOUniform – when you think about it there are so many ways to mix up your outfits and there’s more to fashion than just jeans (did I just say that?). I’m still quite a trousers girl so trying out smarter trousers and culottes is definitely a good way to wear what you’re comfortable in whilst still changing it up.


Hope you love the post! Let me know in the comments which outfit is your favourite.

R x


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** This post is in collaboration with George @ ASDA and items marked with a ‘c/o’ are items sent by George to feature in the post. All outfits are chosen by me and aren’t influenced by any other parties **