Hey everyone!

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me sneakily advertise a new thing coming to Phases Of Robyn, and here it is. You may or may not know of my battles with anxiety and panic disorder (I don’t want to call it a disorder but whatever) and I thought it was about time I brought something new to the blogging world to support us sufferers of anxiety.

I’ve had on and off anxiety problems since I was about 14 and it’s been especially bad since the end of 2014. I’m still struggling to get through life with it, however I’m so much better than I was. The most frustrating thing for me is that even the smallest of things (e.g. going to see my friends, going for a coffee etc…) causes me an annoying amount of anxiety – even though I’m not actually nervous about anything OTHER THAN BEING NERVOUS. Gah.


But… what has helped me deal with it the most? Meeting and speaking to people who go through the exact same thing. Trying to explain what an anxiety attack is like to a non-sufferer is literally the most pointless exercise ever, because they’ll never properly understand.

This topic bothers me so much, because I’m literally the most normal girl in the world. I feel like admitting I get anxious makes me a bit of a freak – but why should this be the case?

However, now that the world of mental health is becoming more accepted/normal, it gives me such a boost. Whenever I see someone tweet about anxiety or write a blog post or something I literally feel a small sigh of relief that A) people are more open about it now and B) I’m not alone. That’s what I want to get out of #LetsTalkAnxiety – you are not alone.

One thing that is known to help all anxiety issues is writing down your problems. Being so hyper-vigilant means all we do is think about crazy situations and then make them 100000 times worse in our heads. The form of taking thoughts from your mind and moving it somewhere else (into a notebook, to a friend, on your computer) is such a good way to release your mind of all your worries. That’s what I’m inviting you all to do with me!

If you struggle with panic or anxiety or even depression, because we all know they’re linked, then it’s time to get your stresses out. If you’re a blogger, write a blog post with #LetsTalkAnxiety and share your stories. Tweet about it all, discuss it with friends, ANYTHING! After this post goes live, I’d love to create a follow up post with links to all of your blog posts so that people can have a read through if they’re having a particularly hard time and need reassuring that they aren’t on their own.

Tweet me with your #LetsTalkAnxiety stories, I’ll give you a RT (remember to use the #!). We’ll all be working together to fix the Mental Health stigma and you never know who you may help.

Want to be involved? Time to start writing and sharing!

Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments, and email me/tweet me if you have any questions!


Much love,

R x