My life seems to be going so quickly. I’m only 20, which is still young, but I’m at that age where real responsibilities start to kick in. And it’s kinda scary.

Careers, mortgages, rent, bills, cars, pets, family…. just everything. In the next 10 years I have to deal with all of these, and I am freaking out minorly (ok, majorly).

Lets reminisce. Here are my 26 reasons why I want to be a child again!


1) We were forced to take afternoon naps, why can’t they be compulsory now?

2) Sitting in the child’s seat of a trolley – like, we actually have to walk now.

3) No lists were needed.

4) Friday night sweets – just because I’m in my twenties doesn’t mean I don’t like sweets, ok mum?

5) Slip ‘N’ Slides. I remember my scrawny little body shooting down them in the summer – now I’m just worried they’ll ruin my fake tan.

6) Not having to chip in for holidays.

7) Watching that awful video of a woman giving birth is not quite so bad as the real thing (although it’s pretty harrowing at the time).

8) You get so many clothes given to you as a little’n, where are my presents now?

9) Having to wear make-up. It’s such a faff really – lets go back to the days before spots were a thing.

10) No social media – before this happened I was unaware of people hating on me and that’s a much better life.

11) Pocket money – gimme them 1p sweets after school.

12) You did what you wanted for you – not for anyone else. We live in a weird world nowadays.

13) Wacky Warehouses and ball parks. ‘Nuff said.

14) You saw your friends everyday. None of this ‘sorry I’m working’ or ‘I have shit to deal with’ like we all have now. We got to be with each other for like 6 hours a day.

15) Playing Hide & Seek – and being able to fit in those tiny spots in the house where nobody would find you.

16) No boyfriends and girlfriends (unless you were a playaaa like me *cheeky face* lol jk) so no heartbreak (sorry bit deep).

17) Getting rewards from going to places you didn’t like – I’m talking about the dentist. Now it’s all ‘shut up and get on with it’.

18) Skipping school for illness wasn’t a huge issue – missing a whole day of work however is like hell on earth and you play catch up for a good week.

19) You could use electricity guilt-free.

20) All of your things were washed and ironed for you. That shit’s time consuming now.

21) Days only lasted from 9 till 3. Who knew the future involved a day longer than 6 hours? *cries*

22) Kids TV shows were the bomb – who else loved Ed, Edd & Eddy, the Powerpuff Girls and Lizzie McGuire (plus a million others – lemme know your faves).

23) You had to wear school uniform – I know it was horrid but at least you got 15 minutes more sleep each morning because you didn’t have to decide on what to wear.

24) We used to have about 1000000 times more energy.

25) You get 6 weeks of summer with absolutely no responsibilities other than to go outside and play everyday.

26) Sliding down the bannister – I totally wish I could do this now but certain parts of my body would break.


Lol, basically after thinking of those I realised that all I’m doing is being lazy. Get a grip woman!

There’s a million more things I’m sure that we can think of so let me know some funny ones in the comments!

Peace out,

R x

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