I’m dedicating this post to all them independent ladies today! Blogs can occasionally be a little bit negative because well… we all need a rant every now and again right? However, lets remember the good things and take a look at what’s wicked about being a girl (sorry boys, you’re sitting out of this one). Here are my top 30!



1) Being bought drinks just happens, we’ll accept a free jager bomb from probably anyone.

2) It’s like were allowed to buy clothes because we’re female and everyone knows we have to compete with each other.

3) We make the best excuses. ‘I need this nail polish, I don’t have this exact colour so it’s definitely a necessary purchase’.

4) GIRL POWER. When girls come together and sing Beyoncé it’s a feeling like no other.

5) ‘I’m on my period’ – aka, I’m doing no cooking, cleaning, or well… moving until it’s over. You must do everything.

6) Boys like it when we laze about in our trackies and eat pizza because it makes us more ‘down to earth’ – win win situation here.

7) We all go through the same things. Periods, shitty boyfriends, body envy… And we know how to make each other feel better.

8) Ladies nights. I’ve never ever heard a club say ‘free entry for men – tonight only!’.

9) We’re allowed to wear high heels and then moan about them 15 minutes later. It’s just a thing. You men wouldn’t last one minute.

10) We dress up so much better. Girls have so much choice for what to wear, and boys have just a suit? How boring.

11) We have the ability to carry a baby. This is a HORRIBLE idea. But it’s like we have the power.

12) Boobs. Enough said.

13) Boobs, part two. Boys don’t get the ‘taking bra off at the end of the day’ feeling. You’re missing out fellas.

14) Doing a million things at once. Some men can’t even iron let alone iron, talk on the phone, watch the tv and cook dinner all at the same time.

15) Women are beautiful. I’m not saying that men aren’t – but some parts of them aren’t too attractive to look at sometimes. Sorry.

16) We know everything. You think you’re good at keeping a secret? WRONG! We’ll find out. We have a sixth sense to lies.

17) We are all on the same wavelength. Your best friend says something and it’s exactly what you were thinking. We’re basically psychic.

18) Girls underwear. We’re forever dreaming of buying all this nice underwear and there is SO much to choose from. Calvin Klein boxers are nice but you can hardly change it up that much.

19) We have an answer for everything. Literally everything. It might not always be right but we think it is.

20) Tying your hair up after a long day – a messy bun fixes all. It seems like most guys opt for the short hair and they were so jealous of the messy bun they created the top knot.

21) We live longer. Apparently.

22) We can kick men in places they wouldn’t want if they piss us off. Be warned.

23) If we put our mind to it, we could probably get ANYTHING we wanted. We’re the boss at fluttering our eyelids.

24) We all over think things. You may think why is this a good thing? Over thinking makes us more prepared as to what may happen, and it makes us very organised!

25) Jewellery stores. You don’t see men walking around with 10 rings, 3 necklaces and 5 bracelets.

26) We’re actually quite determined. We love the idea that men and women have more equal rights than we used to in the past – so many more women are focussing on careers than ever before.

27) We can wear baggy mens shirts and boyfriend jeans – you don’t see guys in cropped cami’s from Topshop that are 3 sizes too small.

28) We are more emotional… This can make us more sensitive and caring people.

29) We can wear super tight jeans. Like really tight.

30) We don’t have to make the first move. It’s like society says men have to call us, or speak to us first. Thank god for that.

I need to point out I’m not belittling men or saying we are superior, don’t hit me with ‘feminist’ comments! It’s funny to point out things like this to boost up our confidence and help each other feel less negative in this world! These also may not all relate to everyone it’s just generic things I’ve made up *thumbs up emoji*.

Lemme know what you’ll think – If you can think of more add some comments! I’d love to read some funny extras!

R x